Donation, Sponsorship and Partnership

This ambitious Community and Activity Village project would not be possible without the immensely valued support of our organisational partners and community fundraisers. We need your support!

Existing Partners

We are particularly grateful to Newark and Sherwood District Council for selecting Nottinghamshire YMCA as its partner for this initiative and offering guidance throughout the development process.

Organisations that have already pledged generous support to our state-of-the-art football facilities include: Newark Town Football Club, RHP Football Club, Nottinghamshire Football Association, The Football Foundation, Newark Town Council, Nottingham Forest Community Trust and many other local clubs expressing interest in playing on our new 3G surfaces.

Thanks to the invaluable contributions of Newark Castle Cycle Club, British Cycling and British building materials company Tarmac, YMCA can also implement plans to design a 750m cycle track.

The charity would furthermore like to acknowledge Newark Athletics Club, England Athletics, Notfast Running Club, Striders Running Club and Newark and Sherwood District Council for helping to make headway with reinstating a completion-level athletics facility in Newark.

The project has also benefited from the input of many local community groups, sports clubs and companies. Special thanks goes to Active4Today, Newark and Sherwood Homes, Rayner Davies Architects, Sustrans, William Saunders, Tunstall Smith King, Pulse Associates, Balderton Parish Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Finally, we thank and appeal to the myriad of local residents and community activists, who help put the heart into this innovative project.

Get involved

If you would like to find out how being part of this initiative can benefit your organisation, please contact us on