Belong, Contribute and Thrive with our YMCA membership options

Our Community & Activity Village is a place that will welcome thousands of visitors across the Newark & Sherwood community and beyond.

With a strength & conditioning gym, wide range of fitness classes, climbing hall, and a spacious onsite cafe with views onto the Stadia football pitch, you’ll want to spend time with friends and family at the Village.

YMCA Belong

Monthly membership includes access to the sport and wellbeing facilities

YMCA Contribute

Pay as you go for each sport and wellbeing activity

YMCA Thrive

Make the YMCA Community & Activity Village the place for you and your family to enjoy sport and wellbeing

Your fitness journey at the YMCA starts here

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At the brand new strength & conditioning gym and climbing hall at the YMCA Community & Activity Village


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YMCA Belong Membership

As a YMCA member you’ll enjoy access to all the sport and wellbeing facilities at the Community & Activity Village:

  • Strength & Conditioning Gym
  • Climbing Centre
  • Fitness Classes
  • Outdoor pursuits; multi-use courts, athletics track, football
  • Cycle track (coming soon)
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YMCA Belong Membership

Monthly or annual amount can be paid by direct debit which will include unlimited use of the full range of health and wellbeing facilities.

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Our Strength & Conditioning Gym will be a space for all the community to thrive.

Our bright, spacious, well equipped, and fully inclusive fitness area will be located at the heart of the YMCA Village.

Designed as an inclusive space that’s not like a regular gym our highly skilled coaches will work with members to provide a wide range of classes and personal training options.

With the option to train in the fresh air too, on equipment in our exclusive outdoor gym, there’s no better place for your fitness and wellbeing.

With sessions also run by our coaches too, there’s something here for everyone.

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Your fitness journey at the YMCA starts here
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YMCA Contribute Membership

A small annual membership fee with YMCA Contribute is your donation to the wider work that we do as a  a charity.

You’ll have access all areas of the Community & Activity Village, then pay as you go for the sports facilities and classes.


YMCA Contribute Membership

Your donation will contribute to our charity. Adults, children (under 18) and families of two adults and any number of children will enjoy YMCA Belong and a membership to the Community & Activity Village.

YMCA Contribute Membership

Be part of our Community & Activity Village with YMCA Contribute – then choose which facilities and classes you’d like to enjoy and pay as you go for each activity.


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YMCA Walkway coming soon

Have your name in stone on the YMCA Walkway

If you, your family, club or businesses would truly like to be a part of our incredible building we have a range of sizes of stones that can be personalised and will be positioned on walkways around the Community & Activity Village forever.

Our first phase will be alongside the walkways from the changing rooms through to the Stadia and  Community football pitches.  Right next to the outdoor area of our café.


Email us to pre-order