Although the YMCA movement is worldwide, every YMCA is independently run, funded and focused. At YMCA Newark and Sherwood, our programmes, plans and facilities are designed around the local community – meaning there is not another YMCA anywhere quite like your own.

We are a local charity, however we share the values and missions of YMCAs all over the world. It is for this reason that we have taken the decision to adopt the branding of YMCA England and Wales.

By changing to this exciting, colourful new look, we reflect the energy, positivity and potential of the young people and families we support every day. We open up more opportunities for the local community too, as we can better integrate national initiatives alongside our local services.


It is important for us to emphasise that YMCA Newark and Sherwood is still an independent, autonomous, local charity. Our services are designed and delivered by our teams within Nottinghamshire, and all our fundraising happens locally too. This move will not affect any of our services, simply the look and feel of our brand.

We’re very excited to be moving to this vibrant, dynamic new look and hope to be fully transitioned by the end of August 2019.