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Can you help us build the Family Programming at the Village?




Here at the YMCA Village we aim to build our family programme based on what the community wants and needs.

What makes your family jump for joy? Netball sessions? Dance sessions? Cooking sessions? Or something else?

Would you like us to run programmes based around mental health? Personal wellbeing? Financial wellbeing? Or do you have something else in mind?

Please complete the survey below to give us a better understanding of the type of sessions you would like to see included for families here at the YMCA Village.

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YMCA Business Space 

At the Community & Activity Village we have open-plan environments suitable for teams or individuals to rent desks, therapy rooms that can be personalised and a range of meeting and conference facilities to book for your events. 

Make the Village the new home for your business. 

Contact Dan Craggs for more information

YMCA Robin Hood Group

YMCA Newark & Sherwood is part of the YMCA Robin Hood Group, supporting young people in communities across Nottinghamshire, York and East Riding.