YMCA Ambassadors

At the heart of our charity Ambassadors help us share a vision to nurture young people, families and vulnerable individuals to make a positive difference across our community.

Helping us raise awareness to promote our work, services and causes, together we bring opportunities that inspire young people, helping them to develop skills, gain qualifications and vocational training.


YMCA Ambassadors

YMCA Ambassadors, work with us to represent our YMCA Group’s strategic agendas and brand values – caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

As a youth-centric organisation, the evolution and growth of our life-shaping services has therefore never been more important for ensuring young and vulnerable people remain a top priority for councils, government budgets and society as a whole.

With their support and networks we can influence meaningful social change.  Together we’ll make sure that the needs of young people in our communities placed at the forefront of every decision.

Safeguarding their future opportunities and empowering our next generations to grow in mind, body and spirit.


Understand the needs of young people and work with us to make a positive difference in the community


Elevate the great work that we do and share the core beliefs of the YMCA


Explore ways to transform lives in the community, helping young people to belong, contribute and thrive

Working together

As a YMCA Ambassador you’ll help us champion social mobility and pave the way for positive change so we can create environments that are safe, fun and educational, especially for young people from disadvantaged or minority backgrounds.

  • Represent the YMCA and our brand values to; belong, contribute and thrive
  • Through your contacts and expertise work with us to raise awareness to promote our work, services and causes
  • Look for opportunities to help us raise funds for the YMCA
  • Help form alliances with other brands that align to YMCA beliefs
  • Be the community ‘face’ of the YMCA and our values and beliefs
  • Speak on behalf of the YMCA to represent us at events and in publicity to promote our charity’s values and beliefs
  • Help us champion our four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility
  • And promote youth developmenthealthy living and social responsibility for all.
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Over 150 years of supporting people

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world with a rich history serving people in 120 countries and from all walks of society, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

Founded in 1871, YMCA Robin Hood Group has been serving the people of Nottinghamshire for over 150 years, touching the lives of thousands of families every year in health, youth development, housing and social mobility.

We’re a charity that helps vulnerable young people thrive in the community.

Our history

Landmark facility

YMCA Newark & Sherwood is proud to have brought the Community & Activity Village to Newark. Home to a wide range of sport, wellbeing, education, training, hospitality and childcare facilities.

Youth development wing; nursery, digital media classroom and multi-use education rooms.
Social responsibility wing; café and training kitchen, conference suite, meeting and function rooms and open-plan offices.
Healthy living wing; strength and conditioning gym, climbing wall, dance studio, changing facilities, health and therapy rooms and an art studio.

We work closely to partner with local champions, schools, colleges, universities, businesses, the voluntary sector and agencies such as health, police, and emergency services.

YMCA Newark & Sherwood

Our YMCA is part of the YMCA Robin Hood Group.
We operate with three core locations and identities: YMCA Greater Nottingham, YMCA York & East Riding and YMCA Newark & Sherwood.

Whilst each YMCA branch is autonomous, we are proud to be part of a charity movement which supports young people both on a national and international level.


Meet one of our Ambassadors

Veronica Pickering DL, HAC (RAF)

Veronica’s passion for communities has seen her work as a consultant in Africa for UNICEF, Save the Children, IRC and many others. Developing networks that have enabled her to advise global companies on their partnerships and corporate social responsibility programmes.

About Veronica