Unlock the Thrill of Cycling

From Beginners to Advanced Riders

Our inclusive and accessible cycling facility at the YMCA Village is designed to make cycling affordable, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

From our Learn to Ride area for beginners to the Community Trail and Pump Track for advanced riders, we provide a traffic-free environment to build confidence, skills, and community connections.

Monday – Friday 4pm-7pm    
Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm



Experience Cycling for All

Our brand new cycling facility is designed to cater to individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Discover a welcoming environment where everyone can participate and enjoy the thrill of cycling. Our diverse range of tracks ensures that cycling is accessible and enjoyable for everyone, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community.

All cyclists MUST wear a helmet and bikes have handlebar ends.

Learn to Ride

Our Learn to Ride area offers a progressive track where riders of all ages and abilities can master the art of cycling. From balance bike training, this space builds skills that transfer to on-road and off-road cycling adventures.

Community Trail

Embark on an exhilarating journey along our community stone-to-dust trail. With beginner and intermediate features, including jumps of varying sizes, this mountain bike trail challenges riders to improve their jumping skills and flow, while multiple lines offer endless possibilities.

Pump Tracks

Pump up the excitement on our progressive and advanced pump tracks. The progressive line combines low, smooth features for riders of all ages, while the advanced jump line takes you to new heights with a range of jumpable features. Gain speed, flow through the track, and experience the thrill of pumping your way to success.

Supervised Open Cycling

Opening Times

Monday – Friday 4pm-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm

Bookable online or drop in
Initial max capacity of 30
Waiver & code of conduct to be completed on first visit (valid for 1 year)

Villager Member Supporter Member Non-Member Own account required to book?
Adults (18+) Included £4 £7 Yes
Youth (11-17) Included £2.50 £4 Yes
Child (Under 11) Free with adult villager member £2.50 £4 No (parent books)
Cycle Hire Included £2 £5 Yes

Under 5’s cycle free with a paying adult rider

Pedal Together

Take your cycling skills to new heights with our progressive tracks and structured programmes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our facility provides the perfect environment for skill advancement.

Start your journey as a novice and gradually develop your abilities and confidence as you conquer new challenges. From mastering the basics to tackling more advanced features, our facility is designed to support your growth and progression in the world of cycling.

Ride with peace of mind in our secure and traffic-free cycling environment. Safety is our top priority, and our tracks are designed to ensure excellent visibility and minimise conflicts. Enjoy the freedom of cycling without the worries of traffic or anti-social behaviour.


Party Packages

Our brand new Party Packages are now live! Take a look at what Cycling activities are on offer for a unique party experience. Bring your bikes and get stuck in to our adventure tracks perfect for all ages.

Party Packages


All abilitiesSkill Progression Affordable Thrilling tracksTraffic Free


Waiver & supervision

Please remember to complete the necessary waivers ahead of time.

Adult Cyclist Waiver 

Parental Consent Waiver

Waiver must be completed Code of Conduct must be signed Must be supervised by parent/guardian when on track
Adults (18+) Yes Yes No
Youth (11-17) Yes (by a parent) Yes (by a parent) No
Child (Under 11) Yes (by a parent) Yes (by a parent) Yes