YMCA Newark and Sherwood has announced a new, five year term, partnership with global ground engineering company, Aarsleff Ground Engineering.


The agreement is a wide reaching one, covering a donation of £22,500, with sponsorship branding to be adorned at both YMCA Newark & Sherwood Community & Activity Village’s Stadia Football pitch and Athletics Track, alongside pre-agreed use of the conference/banqueting facilities at the Village for Aarsleff staff or team meetings and wider business conferences.  It’s great to be able to welcome Aarsleff as regulars to the Village.

Partnering with or sponsoring YMCA Newark & Sherwood is a powerful way for organisations to make a tangible difference to young people and families. We’d love to hear from other businesses who are interested in working with us, working together we can open more doors for young people and families.

In Aarsleff’s instance, they were keen to show support to a local charity and the vision that we have at the Village to support young people, their families and the wider community with life-changing services and experiences in Newark. Additionally, Aarsleff have agreed to lead several skills/learning workshop sessions, for the benefit of YMCA Newark & Sherwood’s service users and are prepared to offer apprenticeship opportunities across the course of the five year term.

YMCA Newark & Sherwood’s Executive Director Todd Cauthorn welcomed the agreement.

“Our best partnerships are with ambitious organisations that take pride in the area around them, and how they can better impact it. Our partnership with Aarsleff Ground Engineering is a natural fit given their commitment to Newark, their global outlook, their values, and their desire to make a difference via sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

Aarsleff has extensive expertise as a leading ground engineering company working within the rail, commercial, civils, infrastructure, energy, maritime and residential markets, delivering smart sustainable solutions to the world’s most technically challenging foundation projects. As a close neighbour to the YMCA Community & Activity Village, they are well placed to support with future, potential developments.

At its core, Aarsleff is steeped in a desire to give back. Since the company’s inception in 1947, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development have played an integral role in their business operations. Ensuring a sound economic grounding and a strong position in the market, they also take into consideration the impact of their operations on the business environment, natural environment, and society. The feeling of giving back is central to this newly formed partnership, in continuing to evidence their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility Aarsleff has selected YMCA Newark & Sherwood as its Charity of the Year for the next five years, and as such will be agreeing a staff and organisation annual fundraising target.

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with YMCA Newark & Sherwood,” says Kevin Hague, Managing Director. “We’re excited for Aarsleff Ground Engineering to be in partnership with such a worthwhile cause and such an ambitious project to directly tackle social mobility in the town we’re headquartered in.”

“Our partnership will allow us to use the site for a number of meetings and conferences whilst developing our staff, who will be delivering a number of skills and learning workshop sessions on site for the benefit of YMCA Village service users who would like to explore career opportunities in the ground engineering industry. We believe this is just the start of an exciting long-term partnership. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the team, we’re excited to begin fundraising for them, and look forward to working together closely beyond partnership launch.”