At YMCA Village, we are incredibly proud to celebrate the remarkable achievement of Reb Peacock, a member of our fitness team who has made a significant mark on the global stage. Reb, at the age of 55, secured an impressive 5th place in the World Championships Natural Strength Competition, competing in the under 57 kilos category, a testament to her dedication and hard work right here in our town.

Reb’s journey to this prestigious world competition was nothing short of extraordinary, characterized by outstanding performances. She not only clinched the top spot in the Northern qualifier but also achieved a remarkable 3rd place in the Midlands, all while competing against athletes nearly two decades her junior. Her success is not just a personal triumph; it is a reflection of her unwavering commitment to health and fitness, a commitment that we hold dear at YMCA Village.

The competition took place in Edinburgh, where athletes from around the world united to showcase their strength and determination. One of the standout moments in Reb’s journey was a personal best lift, an impressive 10kg increase on her previous deadlift record, with Reb lifting an astounding 140kg. What truly sets this competition apart is the sense of community that Reb experienced among fellow athletes. She shared that she “loves the camaraderie of athletes who competed in the world championship. We all supported each other, and I came away with friends for life.”

Reb Peacock

Beyond her remarkable athletic achievements, Reb is an integral part of our YMCA Village family where she brings her passion for fitness to life through her Strong classes, tailored for both men and women. Classes with Reb are throughout the week, with the highlight being Strong on Fridays at 5:30 pm.

Nathaniel, the Gym Manager at YMCA Village, expressed his admiration for Reb’s dedication, saying, “Reb’s achievement is not just a win for her; it’s a win for our community. She embodies the values we cherish at YMCA Village, and her unwavering commitment to promoting health and fitness is a source of inspiration for all of us.”

Reb herself shared, “This achievement represents more than personal success; it’s about showing that local talent can shine on a global stage. I’m deeply grateful for the support of our tight-knit community and the opportunity to share my passion for fitness through the YMCA Village.”

Reb’s journey is far from over, as she has more competitions lined up in her diary. In February, she is set to compete in the England qualifier for the World Championships, and should she succeed, she will become the strongest woman in England.

For those eager to experience Reb’s guidance first-hand, you can book online with classes taking place throughout the week and Strong sessions every Friday at 5:30 pm.

Join us in celebrating Reb’s extraordinary achievement and her dedication to promoting health and fitness within our community.